How to Buy a Rice Cooker for Your Kitchen?


As simple as it may sound, rice is a very technical dish to cook and even experts fail to cook to perfect rice dish sometimes. The reason is that it involves precise timings and precise measurements of water otherwise you will end up with the dish being undercooked or overcooked. Rice cookers are very handy cooking tools which eliminate all such technicalities and ambiguities and with which you don’t need any expertise at all to yield the perfect rice dish every time! However, if you are out to buy a rice cooker, your choice can be a difficult one with all the different brands and types available in the market. To help you make your choice, here are the features that you should make sure are present in your new rice cooker:

Automatic Keep Warm Setting:

Most good rice cookers come with automatic ‘keep warm’ setting that turns itself on after the rice is completely cooked to hold the rice at just the right temperature until you are ready to have your meal. This is a very helpful feature that relieves you with the extra trouble of reheating the food and any possibility of the food getting burnt.

Extra Features besides Cooking Rice:

Some rice cookers provide extra features like steaming and slow cooking. You might want to buy such multi-cookers that give you versatility in your cooking options.

Easy Controls:

Most good rice cookers come with digital controls. Look for ones that have easy to understand controls so that you don’t have to waste a lot of time understanding things in the manual.

Outer Surface Should Remain Cool:

The outer surface of the rice cooker should remain cool enough to touch it and should not burn your hands while the cooker is on. You can also

find more information

on famous pressure cooking blogs.

Removable Pot:

Look for a rice cooker that has a removable inner pot. This feature is advantageous as a detachable inner pot allows easier cleanup and also allows you to serve your rice in the same pot save you of the trouble of cleaning an extra dish.

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